Thursday, 14 January 2016

5 Most Famous Styles of Drapes for Home Decoration

Are you looking for a perfect drapery to decorate your home? If yes, take a look at some of the best traditional and innovative drapery styles for a perfect home. Here is the list:
  • Pinch Pleats: It is one of the most popular tradition styles of drapery that usually have 3 small pleats grouped together at regular intervals.
  • Goblet Pleats: It is quite similar to pinch pleats except that a part of fabric is left separated and allowed to blouse outward, exhibiting the look of a goblet. To maintain the shape, the fabric can be filled with tissue or batting paper.
  • Pencil Pleats: In this style of drapery, pencil-pleating tapes are sewn to the back of the drapery so that it resembles a row of pencils.
  • Box Pleated: This is another wonderful drapery style in which, the fabric is folded crisply with sections folded flat behind the pleat and fastened tightly to it with a fabric-covered button.
  • Tabbed top: It is basically an informal kind of look created by loops of fabric sewn to the top of the panel and then strung over a rod.
These are some of the drapery styles that are in trend these days. Select the best drapes in NYC that best suits the d├ęcor of your home and fulfils your requirements.

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